Semi Permanent Make-Up


Brow Contour – I first start by drawing the brow shape on the area to see if the client is happy with the shape of the brows. Then I would test a range of pigments on the skin to get a natural look. Numbing gels are then applied. I would then begin treatment, applying numbing gels throughout the treatment. Treatment would last approx 2 hours.


Eyeliner/Eyelash enhancement – Numbing gel would be applied to the eye line area, once the area is numb I would then begin the procedure. You could either have an eyelash enhancement, which is a faint line close to the lashes to give a fuller, thicker look to the lashes, or you could have a thicker eyeliner for a more ’made-up look’. Treatment would last approx 1 1/2 hours.


Lipliner with lipblush – (Recommended from the lip treatments) I would start by drawing a lip line on the lip area. I would then test some pigments on the skin, then apply numbing gels. Then I would start the procedure by focusing on the lip line area first. I would begin to work the pigment into the lip area creating a blush look. Treatment would last approx 1 1/2 hours.

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